At Marine Fluid Technology, we strive to adhere to the Sustainable Development Goals and to contribute to the making of a sustainable future.

The sustainable agenda is gaining more and more attention in the maritime industry, and we are committed to being part of this green transition. We acknowledge that significant systemic change is needed to change the course we are currently heading with rising temperatures, unsustainable consumption patterns, and contamination of nature and wildlife.

We believe that the greatest impact we can offer is to enable our customers to significantly reduce their lubrication oil consumption, reduce fuel consumption, and offering enhanced engine conditions.
These reductions all calculate into both significant cost reduction, but also contributes to reaching milestones of decarbonization

Example of saving potential with the Blending-on-Board system on a 6S50-Engine:
We have experienced saving potentials of up to 40% reduction of lube-oil consumption. On a vessel with the consumption of 50.000L per year prior to the installment of the BOB-system, the benefit of blending used system oil with high BN cylinder oil could result in an average yearly consumption reduction of 30%, corresponding to 15.000L new cylinder oil. 15.000L lubrication oil is equivalent to 45.000 Kg of CO2 saving potential per year, per vessel.

At Marine Fluid Technology, we have included in our sustainable strategy, to directly work towards the fulfillment of a number of Sustainable Development Goals. We are increasingly committed to SDG 9: Industries, Innovation, and Infrastructure, SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production patterns, and finally SDG 13: Climate action.


We strive to contribute to promoting new systems and technologies to enable more efficient use of resources. Our BOB system is designed to re-use and blend used oil with new oil, reducing disposal of otherwise useful oil. This resolves in more efficient use of existing oil and significantly reducing the need for new oil.
  A Responsible Consumption and Production, promoted in SDG 12, is part of MFT core values. We endeavor to offer a system that both significantly reduce resource consumption, and offers economic advantages to our customers, by lowering costs of oil, fuel and energy. We believe in the saying: Doing more and better, with less.
Our actions diverts into a collective climate action, where we strive to be part of reducing unsustainable consumption, optimizing resource and energy use, and contribute to the IMO 2030 strategy to cut carbon emissions to 40%.    






MFT awarded The Greenest Maritime Technology Solution

Marine Fluid Technology was awarded ‘The Greenest Maritime Technology Solution’ at the International Green Shipping and Technology Summit, which took place in Athens, Greece in November 2017.

The GST Awards Ceremony, which forms part of the two-day event, recognized industry-leading innovative green solutions across a variety of categories and was attended by experts from global maritime and shipping companies representing brands from across the globe.
Being awarded the winner's accolade above a host of first-class nominees was a testament to the green credentials of the SEA-Mate® Blending-on-Board system. 

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