Marine Fluid Technology has a strong track record of providing first class, cost-effective, industry leading solutions that are designed to meet our clients' lubrication needs.

The SEA-Mate® Blending-on-Board System is an Innovative concept compared to conventional lubrication practices. The key difference being that BOB addresses both Crankcase and Cylinder lubrication needs at the same time, without the need to maintain and store multiple lubricant products onboard the vessel.

The SEA-Mate® BOB equipment puts control firmly back into the hands of the operator by providing greater flexibility in terms of their lubricant options to accommodate the many technical challenges faced onboard a modern vessel.
The equipment is designed to produce a finished Cylinder lubricant to a targeted specific Base Number at the flick of a switch. It really is as easy as that, as a lot of time and effort has been invested into making the equipment user friendly and simple to operate.



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The concept enables the operator to continuously adjust and optmise the lubricant neutralization characteristics in accordance with the engine requirements and fuel sulphur content.
Constant replenishment of the engine crankcase with fresh, new System Oil will ultimately lead towards cleaner oil in circulation with a consequent improvement in viscometrics and related improved fuel economy. Cleaner oil will promote cleaner engine crankcases and longer critical component life time. Other related benefits are:

  • Lower levels of contamination or dirt ingress requiring reduced reliance on intensive centrifuge operation. In some circumstances the centrifuge could be replaced by conventional filter medium instead.
  • Reduced fuel consumption is better for the environment, reducing CO2 emission.

For more technical details please select the relevant criteria and use the 'Value Calculator' to experience first- hand, what the potential savings could mean for you or your company on a fleet or vessel basis.

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