A perfect tool for engine condition monitoring and engine optimization

The challenge:

"The challenge was to find a way to analyse the different types of oils onboard in a quick, easy and relative simple way in order to be able to act as quickly as possible in cases were the oil analysis results showed any irregularities".

 As A.P. Moller – Maersk were on the look-out for solid testing grounds for their idea of developing a new tool for Condition Based Monitoring; one that would both optimize the oil consumption onboard the vessels, as well as reduce the engine wear and tear, MS Sine Maersk became an apparent candidate.


The solution:

The SEA-Mate® Elemental Analyzer offers on-the-spot condition based monitoring and has been able to provide the crew onboard Sine Maersk with an intelligent and easy method of constant awareness as to the health status of the engine and machinery.


The implementation:

"The SEA-Mate® XRF Analyzer came onboard approximately 2 years ago and was followed up with a service engineer who familiarized and trained the engine crew in the use of the Analyzer. The Analyzer has proven to be very easy to use during the daily work onboard".

The results:

What are the main benefits of having the instrument onboard the vessel?

"The main benefits of having the SEA-Mate® Elemental Analyzer onboard have been numerous so far:

  • You save time compared to sending oil samples ashore for analyses. The results are ready within 6 minutes – and you can act if needed.
  • We are able to monitor the iron content in scrape down samples from the main engine within minutes and from these results we have the capabilities to judge the condition of the cylinders while the engine is running.
  • As a result of the two factors above, we are able to optimise the cylinder oil consumption for each cylinder, thus being able to save on cylinder oil as well as maintenance cost.
  • From the Calcium content in the cylinder oil you are able to measure the TBN in a reliable way if needed.
  • From general oil samples from different machinery we are able to judge the condition of gear wheels, bearings etc. and act in a proper way with regards to oil change and overhaul – and save maintenance cost in the long run.

"Due to the way the software is designed you are able to create trends, compare different results and machinery and in an easy way transfer these results, if needed, to the technical staff of your company for further assistance. These results are in the same way a perfect tool for making technical reports".  Chief Engineer CKT onboard MS Sine Maersk

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