Marine Fluid Technology is now offering Liner Diameter Measurement monitoring services using Chris Marine’s LDM tool.

The Chris-Marine LDM tool with Letter of Appreciation from MAN, offers accurate measurement of cylinder wear and clover leafing without removing the cylinder cover and allowing vessel to receive service without going off hire. The tool is easy-to-use onboard and ideal for when preparing for docking, for condition-based liner maintenance, or in continual liner wear monitoring.

The LDM can be used to verify cylinder wear and deformation before dry-docking as well as monitoring cylinder wear and deformation on an engine as a complement to regular scavenging port inspections. With the latest LDM-generation, we offer measurements of all 2-stroke engines, without removing the cylinder cover or exhaust valve housing.

Why prioritize cylinder condition monitoring and reconditioning?
  • To increase cylinder liner lifetime
  • To restore engine performance
  • To avoid running-in problems
  • To ensure accurate lube oil consumption
  • The consequences of ignoring monitoring and reconditioning are way too costly

Marine Fluid Technology offers world-wide measurements, with day-to-day measurements in Denmark, and fast response time in Europe. Following the performed measurements on cylinders and liners, we offer a Chris Marine   generated report presenting measurement results, detecting abnormal cylinder deformation and with recommendations towards a better engine condition.

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