"Introducing the SEA-Mate® Analyzer – a novel lubricant and fuel analysis device".

The SEA-Mate® Analyzer provides incipient failure detection and fluid quality control within minutes. The need for continuous monitoring of an engine's performance is not to be taken lightly. Therefore the SEA-Mate® Analyzer was developed, putting this critical diagnostic process under your control and not in the hands of a third party. The SEA-Mate® Analyzer is designed for analyzing lubricants and fuel sulfur.

The SEA-Mate® Analyzer is the only way to immediately detect corrosive engine wear, typically seen during slow steaming and in newer engine design. Knowing the true iron content is critical to optimize engine performance, finding the right cylinder oil BN & feed rate needed. This will lengthen cylinder liner and piston ring life time, reducing spare parts and maintenance cost."

A unique bar code sticker is attached to every sampling point on the engine and other machinery for which oil analysis and trending is to be carried out. Each time a sample is taken a hand-held bar code reader is used to match the sample point with another bar code label on the sample bottle.

After collecting samples, the bar code reader is hooked up to the SEA-Mate® terminal and the system's software links the individual samples to the appropriate sample point in the system database recording time and date of sampling at the same time. When the sample bottle is placed in the machine and analysed the results are recorded in the database.

As the database is populated with sample results it is possible to analyse trends over time periods of the operator's choice. When an engine is involved, samples can be taken from every cylinder so that trend analysis can be made either for the whole engine or for specific areas within it. This will permit easier identification of a problem and its likely cause.





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